Real Estate Markets in The Region are Able to Cope with The Challenges

The liquidity of the real estate sector in the countries of the region is linked to the level of incentives, the size and number of real estate projects, the purchasing power of investors and end users, the ability of real estate developers, and the availability of financing channels. The concepts of the value of liquidity and its implications are of great importance in the local markets, and their decline may lead to lower prices and the value of investment and growth, which will bring more projects and investments and achieve good growth in all economic sectors.
The report pointed out that the real estate markets in the countries of the region recorded record highs in the value of liquidity traded during the past years, led to the recording of price bubbles and the rise of indicators of real and non-real demand, in addition to the development and implementation of real estate projects, making the governments of countries are moving to implement plans To develop infrastructure and prepare for real estate and non-real estate.
The report pointed out that the markets in the region face a decline in the value of investment liquidity, which affected the overall performance of the economic sectors, and in the price indices of selling and leasing, in addition to the impact of the final returns resulting from investment activities, but it is clear that the real estate market the ability to adapt and meet the challenges With good flexibility, you can withstand and continue to look for tools and tools that will maintain targeted growth levels.