Real Estate Reviewing The Achievements of 2017

The Real Estate Committee of the Eastern Chamber held a meeting in which it reviewed the activities and activities that were accomplished during the year 2017, under the chairmanship of the Vice Chairman of the Committee Emad Al-Delegan, at the headquarters of the Chamber in Dammam.
The meeting discussed the activities and events organized by the committee during 2017, and those that are due to be implemented soon according to its plans, such as the expanded real estate meeting scheduled for 10 December to discuss the challenges facing the real estate sector in the region and ways to improve the mechanisms of work in the sector and how to overcome obstacles to its members , Considering it as an opportunity to brainstorm and adopt issues that discuss the status of the sector in the region.
The meeting also dealt with the role of the Saudi Real Estate Institute in organizing the real estate market, as it offers many courses and training programs specialized in the fields of construction and real estate, which will have a role in the localization of the sector by increasing the proportion of Saudis in it, calling the pioneers and real estate developers to join it and benefit from its programs and courses Introduction.
The Committee concluded its meeting by stressing the importance of cooperation between the private real estate sector and government and semi-governmental sectors concerned with overcoming the difficulties facing the real estate sector.