Medina: Restore of 647 Thousand Meters From the Lands of The Government

Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Municipality said that the municipalities of Quba, al-Furaish and al-Aqa’il have returned a government land that was attacked with an area of ​​647 thousand square meters.

The Secretariat explained in a statement today that this was done through the preparation and the establishment of barriers of dirt and palms movable and build on them without the presence of legal or legal anchor.

The Under-Secretary of the Sub-Municipalities and Suburbs of the Municipality of Madinah Region Fahd bin Sabeel Al-Harbi said that the control teams of the municipalities of Quba, Al-Furaish and Al-Aqul conducted during their field patrols attacks on government lands and construction on them. He confirmed that all the sites that were seized by the control teams Which amounted to 647 thousand square meters.

Al-Harbi stressed that the Secretariat and its municipality will not be negligent in the performance of its duty to control any irregularities or excesses and will continue its tasks in removing attacks on government land without delay or delay.